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So. Had another random bout of whee!ANGER last night, which was so not cool. I'm going to start bludgeoning myself with a large, blunt object if this doesn't stop. Hmph. I think I'm just going to take an even more extended break from this death trap machine (kicks the computer) and go play my farming game. That always makes me feel happy. ^__^

... so if you don't see my on-line as much right now, it's because I don't want to inflict my general state of being very irritated on other people.

Yeah, and writing? I'll get to it. Right now, I have ZERO inspiration, and there's no forcing it. That'll just piss my characters and me off, and the last thing I need is a mini revolt in my head because of unfair working conditions. -_- So writing will come. Maybe when it doesn't make me angry just looking at the computer.

... Yay, Harvest Moon. I <3 my farmer.
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