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Hee hee.

One more day of school, and then spring break, here I come! <3 Hopefully I'll be able to get near the computer long enough to write. And hopefully other people will post on potter_prophecy. @.@ I'm inspired to write there, ff8_waltz, ff7_lifestream (whee yay Aeris!), and the upcoming FY list. (pokepokies queenofhearts and kirakins) XD

I wonder which Miko I'll have. O.o I was thinking about how if we did Suzaku and Seiryuu their names would have to be the same, like Tamahome, Hotohori, Nakago, etc etc, because those're their constellation names. I'll try to get on-line and look up Genbu and Byakko's later so we can see what our characters would be named if they were there. oO Either way, it's all cool. And maybe I'll be able to get on the computer if I tell my brother "I need to do some research!"

Bum bum bum bum... that's it. Gotta go to school. Rawr, school!"

[Edited @ 07:28]

Yo, Kira, yanno that FF6 list we were talking about? o.o Where would you want to set it? Because I've had Past Issues with FF6 lists and various places they start. -_- And if it's after, someone ELSE has to help me with the plot. Like my darling co-mod. (bats eyelashes at kirakins) And we'd have to decide on some rules and stick to them very, very strictly. oO I could send you what I had for the other list and we could tweak it.

... and now I'm really getting off to go to school. This pointless entry brought to you by me being still sleepy!
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