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I've had this journal around for a while now, but I never really did much with it. Oo It was just going to be a private thing but I decided I'd just make it a writing journal for my friends list. ^_^ If anyone wants to friend me I'll add you, since I've already got you here anyway, and I could always use comments/criticism/etc.

english_dandy is the account. ^-^

bikun, I wrote your Locke/Edgar drabble! ^__^ It's the first piece of writing to be posted! Go friend me and reeeaaaaad, even if you just defriend me immediately after that. XD I want to know what you think.

kirakins, yours is next. ^^ Got to do some homework though, since Sam and I are working on a project together in Spanish. Oh yeah, and I totally <3 this song.

queenofhearts, I added your writing journal! ^__^ And there was something about me in your userinfo! *gets all misty eyed* I think I need a moment to collect myself...

... um, yeah. Homework.
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