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This is really such a trivial thing. I shouldn't be so annoyed. Keeping this in mind, I shall NOT be annoyed, and shall thus here and now bury said annoyance and go on and force myself to be chipper. Nothing more shall be spoken of it ever again. I will purge my mind by chatting. (pouts and pokes kirakins) My Cessy is here for me, but you're awaaaaaay.

Anyway. ^^ Reading Little Women again, and squee! I still love Laurie so much. I wish he would've gotten together with Jo. ~.~ And yes, before I get pounced upon, I know they would likely kill each other (since I think they're both Scorpios anyway), but still. I stand by that pairing and wish they would have married. -_- Amy is too much of a little chit for Laurie, even if she does grow amazingly more mature, and Mr. Bhaer... eh. I like him, just not married to Jo. I shall forever pine for the loss of what could have been there. ~.~

Meg and John are still cute together. And it was so sad that Beth died. >_< I haven't actuall re-read that part yet, but when I do, I know I'm going to cry. I'm putting off reading part two since I know Jo and Laurie will have their whole fling thing and never get together. -________-

That over with, I'm going to do something constructive, like chat with cessball and try to get rid of the little angry lump putting pressure on the tip of my brain. >___<

It's amazing how easy it is to hide the fact that you're angry/upset/annoyed if you try. @_@ No one would even really know that anything was bothering me right now if I hadn't put that paragraph up there and used my angry face!!!. ^_~
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*snuggle* Did I help? o.o
Yes. ^___^ You helped immensely, mine loff.
Yay. ^.^ Glad to be of service, dahlink.