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I totally <3 Saiyuki! I need to talk to Sam today and get the DVD volumes 2 and 3 so I can devour them. *cackles* And then I need to read the manga that queenofhearts bought.

Oh yes, Jen. Definite writing possibilities in the future.

Hakkai: Oh, my. That was a wonderful move. *clapclapclap*
Sanzo: (arms crossed, nods three times) Mm-hm, mm-hm.

They're all such dorks. XD I love them ALL. How can anyone be expected to decide on a favorite? ...... if I had to chose though, it would definitely be Hakkai. (glompsnuzzlesclaims) Poor Hakkai, you have a sad, sad past, don't you? ;_; (must refrain from reading spoilers, though she has made her own deductions....)

... and no, don't even ask. I am so not slashing people in my head. REALLY. *sulks off* It's not my fault Gojyo and Hakkai look so cute together... *cough* Anyway. I shall torture Sam today if the anime is not brought! XD I already lent out CCS DVDs 1-4, and got them back in like, three days. @_@ So now I'm taking the other four.

Squee, Saiyuki! Squueeeeeeee! Must make self some Hakkai icons! Unless someone wants to like, be all lovey and do it for me? (winkwinknudgehinthinthint)

... on a completely unrelated note, squee!Cloud/Aeris! That is all.
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