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Which LOTR character (male) would you end up with? by Cormak
You end up with:Pippin
You meet on:April 2, 3020
This is where:in the forest of Mirkwood
And this is what happens:He takes your hand and leads you to his secret hideaway.
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Which Johnny Depp character do you belong with? by cerulean_dreams
You fall in love with
You meetwhile looking for treasure
His friends thinkYou guys are perfect together
Your friends thinkhe should dump you for them
You willlive together forever and get married and have babies! <3
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... 'kay, so maybe I doctored the last one a bit. But it was only the last line, I swear, that said I was going to have an affair with him and then leave him. Like I'd do that. *starry eyed*

Name Thingie!

-If you call me Brittany, you know me from RL. Oo Or on-line, and you're miffed.

-If you call me Brie, you know me from a writing list. o.o Probably a HP one. (stabs them with sporks) They're scary.

-If you call me Britts you're a member of my family or an on-line friend.

-If you call me Brittsy-boo, you're cessball. I <3 you, Cess. Oh yeah, you might be evilwildlex. ._. She informed me so, since I have a horrible memory and forgot. >.>

-If you call me Britty, you're remus_no_miko. Die, Allison. And Katie, too.

-If you call me Spears, you're my husband. Hi, Matt! <3

-If you call me reeve31 you're a stalker from my past. Go hide again.

-If you call me chryskitty you only know me from my journal. oO

-If you call me Chrys you know me from a couple of writing groups that I'm not on any more.

-If you call me Candyman then... I must kill you.

-If you call me Boodles you're my mother or occassionally Jen. This is not tolerated.

-If you call me Poopsie-Woopsie then you're my father and I shall have to hurt you.

-If you call me Poopie you're Jen.

-If you call me Dork you're Jen.

-If you call me Lazy Ass you're Jen too.

-If you call me Little Shit then, hey, you're Jen.

-If you call me Norvelly you're my sixth grade SS teacher. Hi, Mr. Hill.

-If you call me Brain you're a dumb person from my school. Step away from the journal.

-If you call me Loff, Dearest, Mine Sweetest, etc. then you're my Cessy. <3 <3 <3, loff!

-If you call me Hooba then you're Jen.

-If you call me Bitch then you're Emily. :P

-If you call me Ho then you're Shyann. I have terrible friends.

-If you call me Brittany Elizabeth then you're Allison and are incredibly stupid.

-If you call me a hoser then you're my mother. Evil woman.

-If you call me Kat then you're Michelle. Hi, vermilionume!

-If you call me a Butt Pirate then you're also my mom. She's so mean to me.

-If you call me Butt Tart then you're someone who has stolen my insult. Die.

-If you call me the love of my life then I wish you were John Cusack or Johnny Depp. Hah. Or maybe Alan Rickman.

... queenofhearts is going to pimp my comm for me~! Hee hee.

So now I shall sign off!
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