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'Kay, um, Tifa? Enough with the whiny bitch routine. I couldn't stand it the first five minutes I had to cart you around in my game, and it's not getting any more appealing. Why don't you get the hint? Cloud is being an asshole to you because you're being very, very, very stupid. Take a leaf out of Aeris' book. He likes her.


Playing FF7 again is bad for my blood pressure. ^^;; I now remember precisely why I hated Tifa so much the first time I played the game. I've been nothing but mean to her since I started it, and damn, she's annoying as hell. I can't wait until I can toss her out of my party and let Aeris slide into the (permanent) second slot. And then when she dies I shall cry.

Anyway. I don't mind writing for Tifa at all; I rather like it. She just annoys the piss out of me. Playing the game again, I realize that when things do not go her way, she gets snarky and bitchy. I don't play Tifa like this. I realize I have her out of character. I should go drown myself now, huh? ._. Oh well. I like mine better. (sticks tongue out at Squaresoft)

On a similar note, I feel for Cloud very much. I went into the group room, and the guys stripped him naked and jumped in the tub with him. >.> They washed his back and made him stay in there until he counted backward from ten! And one of them was at least 43, if not older! Yeeeeeeeeeech! They gave him bikini briefs! My POOR, POOR Cloud! *snuzzles him*

... also, I don't know if anyone noticed, but if you peek into that one room in the Honeybee Inn, there's something very disturbing in there. President Shinra is dressed up in a king's robe and is prancing around the room while thunder strikes in the background, talking to some employees. He's telling about some girl from the slums (I think he mentioned she was from the slums, can't remember now), the legend, the promised land, and how a blue-eyed man won't lead them there... and the executives are like, "Okay, what the fuck? I want to leave. Should we stop him?" and he's like, "RAAR! *blast blast*"

... I was freaked out. President Shinra is a whacked out individual. His wife knows he's there, too. One of the execs was like, "Hey, did you know his wife knows about his little 'hobby' now?" .......... that poor woman. For that matter, poor Rufus! (glompsnuzzles Rufus)

The point of this message is, that I am totally in an FF7 mood now. I definitely want to write for Aeris, I want to spork Tifa repeatedly in various hurtful places, I <3 Cloud, I feel sorry for Rufus, and I have no idea who I would write for in Shinra. (contemplates) I must mull this over.

But all I have to say is, kirakins, queenofhearts, this FF7 thing has to start! I am way pumped!! And I'll get to write Cloud/Aeris with Kira-boo! ._. I shall have so much fun! If you don't start this, I will hate you both forever!

... okay, maybe not that drastic, but I'll be severely put out.

I am in the train graveyard now. I must go play so I can boot Tifa's ho-ass out of my party ASAP. (bounces off)
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;____; Dun hate me forever...

Yanno, I did that once with Tifa, too. ^^ I'm pretty neutral to the whole Cloud/Tifa and Cloud/Aeris thing these days, though I do kinda prefer Cloud/Aeris since damn, it's just cuter, but at one point I was very... erh... anti-Tifa. ^^;;; I was all, "ARGH! She sucks!!! Cloud/Aeris all the way!!!" So I refused to ever have her in my party, so her levels were SO CRAPPY and then I got to the part in Ice Gate where she joins your party even if you don't want her there, and I was like CRAP. >_>

I'm actually trying to evenly level up my characters this time through... at least, I was trying. I was then reminded how much I do not like Caith Sith and Barret, so I'm just working on Cloud, Tifa, Cid, Vincent, and Yuffie. ^^;;;

I hope it does work out but I'm trying not to get my hopes too high. >.> We must kick the Lex and the Megan and the Cobra and the Jonas into joining. And anyone else you can force to join!
I will. BUT! But Kira! Give me lots of cookies! I got a member for us! And she's taking Tifa and Reeve! Look at that! Someone writing Tifa! Who is not me!

I just think she's really dumb when you're mean to her. @_@ She's fine when you're nice, but the second you show an inkling of interest toward Aeris, her claws come out. Hee hee.

I hate those two. @_@ It was all I could do not to name Barret 'BuffChunk' again. But I decided not to, because it would detract from the serious gameplay moments. But I hate using them. I like their characters and all, but I don't like fighting with them.

I found a member! You can't give up! -_- Though Lex won't join. o.o She wants to write on the other FF7 lists that are already established instead of trying to scatter herself more. ^^; You must work on the Megan. I shall attack whomever I see. (feral look)
Yes, you deserve lots of cookies! ^_~ Well, don't go giving away Rufus, I'm going to see if I can get Gaki to take him.

But yeah, Tifa is really dumb if you're mean to her. -_- She's mean in general, too. There's a part in the hotel at the Gold Saucer where Red is (justifiably) worried about his number tattoo and wondering if he's going to go insane, too. And she just snaps at him. O_O It's so mean.

Cait Sith, I keep reminding myself it's Reeve. >_> But Cait Sith itself... argh. What a waste of good character space. Actually, I read a fic once where Cait Sith was talking about how everyone hated him and never used him in their party and... it was actually sad. ;___; It made me feel bad. But erh, Barret... blah. He just doesn't have very good attacks and he's not that interesting of a character.

Well, Megan won't be that hard to sway as long as she gets her Zack. ^_~
Yay! We have a Ruuuufus! ... She wouldn't mind if he inherited the secretary I'm making, would she? 'Cause I had an idea and Jen said I could make Prez Shinra's secretary... o.o

I know. @_@ Even when I didn't have the passionate hate I seem to be feeling for her at the moment, I thought that was mean. I was like, "Aw, poor Red! ;_;" but then I moved on. Now I'm like, "Bitch!" ^^;;;;;

O_o You are such a weirdo. But I never fight with Cait Sith either. ^^;; My party is Cloud/Aeris/either Cid or Vincent, and then Cloud/Cid/Vincent or Tifa. ^^;

@.@ She's making noise about taking Vincent! *bounces happily*
Oh that's weird, I just started the game again on like Wed or Thurs, must be a FF7 month :D
Weirdness. XD I'm just at the part where I need to go spring Aeris from the Shinra building now. Hehehe. Wall Market, here I come! Woo, Honeybee Inn! ^.~
Wow me too, that's super weirdness :D! I don't know how much I'll be able to plya this week though, papers to write ahhhhhhhhhhh. :P
Oh, I know. >.> School is out to eat me. I've got Algebra II, Accounting, World History, English, AND Spanish I should be doing right now.


And you really see me doing it.